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Getting there

Kamakura Station
The best way is to go by train on the Yokosuka Line of East JR (Japan Railway Co.) from Tokyo Central Station. Cars and buses are not recommended, particularly on weekends, due to traffic jams. The 11- or 15-car trains leave Tokyo every 10 to 15 minutes from Track 1, 2 or sometimes 3 in the underground of Marunouchi {mah-roo-no-woo-che} side (northwest to be exact) of the Station, and it takes 55 minutes to Kamakura (51 kilometers from Tokyo) for a fare of 890 yen. If you cannot locate the right trucks, follow the blue line, which is the symbol color of the Yokosuka Line and appears on the sign post here and there in the Station. Most of the trains come from Chiba {che-bah} area while some start from Tokyo. In the busy hours of the day or on weekends, you may not be able to get a seat. Generally, rear cars are less crowded. If you want to have a seat for sure, you had better buy a green ticket (additional 930 yen) together with an ordinary one. In all trains running on the Yokosuka Line, there are two green-cars located in the middle of the train with comfortable seats. You can sit anywhere on the green-cars with the ticket (no reserved seat) . Be sure to buy it in advance. Conductors may not sell them on the train since they have to give priority to the passengers who are on board with the ticket.

Yokosuka Line
After leaving Tokyo, trains stop at Shinbashi {shin-bah-she}, Shinagawa {she-nah-gah-wah}, Nishi(west)-Oi {nee-she-oh-e}, Shin(new)-Kawasaki {shin-kah-wah-sah-key}, Yokohama {yoh-koh-hah-mah}, Hodogaya {ho-doh-gah-yah}, Higashi(east)-Totsuka {he-gah-she toh-tsu-kah}, Totsuka {toh-tsu-kah}, Ofuna {oh-foo-nah}, Kita(north)-Kamakura {key-tah kah-mah-koo-rah} and Kamakura. After Kamakura, station stops are: Zushi {zoo-she}, Higashi-Zushi, Taura {tah-woo-rah}, Yokosuka {yoh-koh-soo-kah}, Kinugasa {key-noo-gah-sah} and terminus Kurihama {koo-re-hah-mah}. Usually the trains are bound for Ofuna, Zushi, Yokosuka or Kurihama. If your train is for Ofuna, you can go down to Ofuna first and wait for another train going beyond Ofuna.

Tokaido Line
Trains of the Tokaido {toh-kye-doh} Line which start from Track 7 to 10 of Tokyo Station will also bring you to Ofuna, where you can transfer for Kamakura on the Yokosuka Line.

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